1. Makeup Bag Essentials

    Whether you're a beauty queen or you only wear makeup when you absolutely have to, life is a lot less stressful when your makeup bag has the tools you need. Many of us played with toy makeup and progressed through the cheap tools of our teen years, and a time just comes when you need to upgrade. Whe…Read More

  2. What is Your Coloring? Part 2

    Whatever you think of makeup, it always is easier to use when you understand how it works. Many of us learned makeup haphazardly when we were younger, and it's amazing how many of us still aren't sure what we're doing even though we're adults! If you feel intimidated by the massive arrays of product…Read More

  3. What is Your Coloring? Part 1

    Getting that extra pep in your step can be as simple as adding a dash of lipstick. However, if you aren't sure which color lipstick suits you, adding a dash of lipstick is no fun. Makeup should make you feel confident, not like you're taking a risk with colors you aren't even sure about. No matter …Read More

  4. Becoming a Lipsense Distributor

    LipSense® and SeneGence® products are a trending, hot commodity in the makeup industry. If you’ve tried LipSense, fell absolutely in love, and want to share it with your friends, family, or even co-workers, then becoming a distributor may be the perfect opportunity for you! Choosing to become a …Read More

  5. A Beginner’s Guide to Applying LipSense

    You've been patiently waiting for your LipSense long-lasting LipColor, and finally, it arrives! (Yay!!) Let's be honest, you're pretty darn excited to test it out! You're curious to see what all the buzz is about; a long-lasting lipstick that stays on through eating, drinking, kissing, exercising, s…Read More

  6. Welcome to LipLock By Amy

    Hello there! Welcome to LipLock by Amy! For those of you who don’t yet know me, my name is Amy Oakes, and I have been a LipSense and SeneGence distributor since September 2016. Although I now live in Queen Creek, Arizona, I have spent most of my time growing-up in Illinois! In January of 2011, I g…Read More