Hello there! Welcome to LipLock by Amy!

For those of you who don’t yet know me, my name is Amy Oakes, and I have been a LipSense and SeneGence distributor since September 2016. Although I now live in Queen Creek, Arizona, I have spent most of my time growing-up in Illinois! In January of 2011, I got married to my best friend, Ashton. Together we have two boys, a one and three-year-old, with a baby girl on the way! My growing family is the most important things to me. They are the ones who motivate me the most and make it easy getting out of bed each morning.

Before I decided to become a distributor, I was already interested in the company from the business side. It wasn’t until I personally experienced the products, that I immediately knew I wanted to join SeneGence and help contribute to its success by spreading the word about their game-changing makeup to others. Back then, there was really no way of telling how things would work out, but I can honestly say that choosing to become an independent distributor has been one of the best decisions of my life, and an absolute blessing!

Since starting with SeneGence, I have already been extremely fortunate with my work. I have already ranked seven times and should be reaching a $1 million team by the end of this month! So, my title will be considered “Crown Princess.”  My team currently consists of well over 400 people throughout the United States. I’ve earned a free car lease (any lovers of the 2017 Yukon SLT?) and a free trip for my husband and I to the beautiful Costa Rica. In addition, my commission checks alone are close to reaching five digits! I’m not sharing this information to brag about my accomplishments — not at all. I’m sharing this to show others that these accomplishments are totally reachable and realistic! LipSense is a trending commodity in the makeup world. I quickly found that women love the LipSense lipstick and glosses, and the product basically sells itself; a long-lasting lipstick that doesn’t smudge or kiss off used to be something women only dreamt about until LipSense came around. Plus, compared to high-end brands, like MAC, LipSense is made with healthier, non-harming ingredients and lasts FOUR TIMES longer than a regular tube of lipstick.

I wouldn’t sell a product I didn’t believe or trust in. That’s why I urge others to try LipSense! If you’re interested in seeing what all the excitement is about, you can start with the Starter Collection ($55), which comes with one Long Lasting Lip Color, one Gloss, and one Oops! Makeup remover. Once you have the Starting Collection, you’ll have access 36 of the best lipstick colors and 11 gloss colors. You’ll even gain access to the wonderful SeneGence cosmetic products.

If you’re interested in placing an order, or would like to join my team as a distributor, please do not hesitate to contact me. I absolutely love meeting new people and helping them find the perfect colors for beautiful lips!

I am really looking forward to meeting you, keeping you up-to-date through my blog and website, and helping your lips look absolutely stunning while giving you the confidence you deserve!