Getting that extra pep in your step can be as simple as adding a dash of lipstick. However, if you aren’t sure which color lipstick suits you, adding a dash of lipstick is no fun. Makeup should make you feel confident, not like you’re taking a risk with colors you aren’t even sure about. No matter how much makeup you like to wear, knowing which tones complement your coloring can help you out. Even if it’s something as simple as choosing a certain blouse color, understanding how the color will interact with you can give you that extra confidence.

At Liplock by Amy, color is what it’s all about. We’re going to use today’s blog to discuss a tried-and-true method for figuring out what colors you should go after when picking out makeup or clothes. There’s a good chance you’ve heard about the book “Color Me Beautiful,” a guide for navigating color that was published by Carole Jackson in the 1980s. It took traditional color theory, which details the interactions between colors, and simplified it into a theory easy to use for figuring out what color clothes, accessories, and makeup work for you. Read on to learn the steps!

Step 1: Are you Cool or Warm?

Your skin’s undertone defines your looks, and it’s determined by carotene, melanin, and hemoglobin. While your’s skin’s overtone can change due to illness, blood pressure, or sun exposure, the undertone comes from genetics and cannot ever change. Determining your “temperature” can be the most challenging step, but it’s easier when you have a second pair of eyes, so grab a friend or visit with A LipSense® consultant. You can go through one or all of the following tests to figure out where your undertone lands on the temperature spectrum.

  • Vein Test
    This test is just what its name says. After making sure you’re in natural lighting and you haven’t just tanned, look at the veins on your inner wrist. Do they look blue or green? If they look green, your coloring is warm and you have what Carole Jackson would call a “Spring” or “Autumn” type. If your veins look blue, you have cool coloring that makes you a “Summer” or a “Winter.”
  • Foundation Test
    This is generally the easiest method, and a LipSense® consultant will make it even easier. All you do is dab pink-based foundation on one cheek and yellow-based foundation on the other. After spreading the foundation into an even, thin layer, take a look and see which color looks natural and which one looks painted-on. Again, you’ll want to be in the natural light and have a second pair of eyes. The color that blends naturally is your match. If it is pink, you have cool coloring. If yellow blends, you have warm coloring.
  • Gold and Silver Test
    You’ll need gold and silver paper or fabric for this test. In natural light, lay one hand on each type of paper/fabric. You can also use the insides of your wrists. You and your friend or consultant will notice that your skin looks even and natural against paper/fabric one and more blotchy against the other. If your skin blends with silver, you have cool coloring. Gold, you’re warm.

LipLock Color is here to help you. Whether you want to discover your coloring or you’re ready to start your own LipSense® distributor practice, Amy is your source. LipLock revolutionary long-wear lip color is perfect for putting on a dash of lipstick or LipSense® lip gloss, and when you know which colors suit you best, you’ll be able to get that pep to your step. Contact LipLock by Amy today!