Whatever you think of makeup, it always is easier to use when you understand how it works. Many of us learned makeup haphazardly when we were younger, and it’s amazing how many of us still aren’t sure what we’re doing even though we’re adults!

If you feel intimidated by the massive arrays of products and all the colors they come in, you aren’t alone. We all want to colors that make us glow, but how on earth do we know? On top of that, makeup products are always changing, and understanding just what you need can be difficult. In fact, a lot of work has gone into decoding colors and how they work with our skin, hair, and eyes. Back in the 80’s, a woman named Carole Jackson created the book “Color Me Beautiful,” and it has some really great tips to get you started.

In our last blog, we discussed the first step in figuring out your coloring: whether you have warm or cool coloring. It is always a good idea to have a second pair of eyes to clearly see your colors when you’re going through these processes, and that is where Amy can help. Once you have a buddy ready to help you out, you can figure out whether you’re a winter, spring, summer, or autumn and which colors work best for you.

Did you have a cool undertone in the last blog’s test? If so, look at your hair and eyes. If they are both dark, you’re probably a Winter.

Color Tips for Winters

  • You’ll want clear, sharp colors. Aim for black, white, red, navy blue, and bright pink. Avoid orange, gold, and beige.
  • Don’t use more than three colors in one outfit.
  • Be bold! Your coloring is unique because it can handle black and white.
  • When it comes to jewelry, silver is your friend!

Did you have a cool undertone in the last blog’s test, but your hair and eyes are both light? If so, that means you’re a Summer!

Color Tips for Summers

  • You will glow in soft neutrals and pastels that have blue and rose undertones. Powder blue, lavender, taupe, and soft pink are your friends. Avoid orange and black!
  • Summers can get away with lots of silver jewelry and accessories, so go crazy!

Did you have a warm undertone in the last blog’s test and you combine that with dark hair and eyes? That means you are an Autumn!

Color Tips for Autumns

  • Autumns are stunning in colors like beige, gold, dark brown, and orange. They look sickly in colors without golden undertones – colors like navy.
  • If you’re worried about your palette being too dull, talk with Amy. Many vivid, beautiful colors are available to Autumns, and you can mix and match just like a tree in the fall!
  • Gold jewelry is your best friend, so accessorize away!

If you had a warm undertone in the last blog’s test and your hair and eyes are light, you are a Spring!

Color Tips for Springs

  • Springs really shine in warm colors, so go crazy with golden-yellow, golden-brown, camel, and peach. Stay away from dark, dull colors as well as black and white.
  • Gold is your friend, and being sparing with it can really work to your advantage.
  • Bring light into your wardrobe by wearing light colors.

Making the most of your makeup budget is easier when you don’t waste money on colors you can only hope will work. The good news is, you have resources to help you find the right colors. Turn to Amy for incredible lip colors or to become a LipSense® distributor yourself!