Long Lasting LipColor

Starter Collection $55

To get access to 36 of the best lipstick colors, and the 11 LipSense gloss colors, you have to begin with a Starter Collection. The collection comes with 1 Long Lasting LipColor, 1 glossy gloss, and 1 oops! remover (great for cleaning up small mistakes or as a makeup remover!)
Once you have your kit you are good to start purchasing individual colors and LipSense glosses. The individual colors and glosses are $25 each, so it’s very similar to MAC and other higher-end brands, but long-lasting LipSense is made with much healthier ingredients (wax free, lead free, gluten free, not tested on animals), and lasts four times as long (6 months if used every single day) than a regular tube of lipstick!

Individual Colors $25 each

Shop Long Lasting LipColor

Shop Long Lasting LipColor


You get to start with 1 glossy gloss in your starter collection. After that, you are free to choose whichever individual colors you would like! LipSense glosses come in a variety of colors and many textures use Shea Butter as a natural base ingredient that can repair damaged and dehydrated lips! Glosses can be used to improve the longevity of the long-lasting LipSense Liquid Lip Color.

Individual Glosses $20 each

Glossy Gloss, Matte Gloss, Bougainvillea Gloss, Rose Gloss, Pearl Gloss, Sand Gloss, Silver Glitter Gloss, Pink Glitter Gloss, Gold Glitter Gloss, Orchid Gloss, Opal Gloss

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ShadowSense is a long-lasting, water-resistant, and anti-aging eye shadow from SeneGence cosmetics. The multi-purpose shades can be used as a contour, soft eyeliner, highlighter, worn separately, or mixed to create a new color!

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Shop ShadowSense

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There’s a variety of SeneGence cosmetics from skin care to body lotions and creams, SeneGence has the products you need! If you’re interested in other products, let me know and I will get you more information!

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